Environmental Groups

Rain barrels

Mighty Midway Greening and Growing
We are a group of concerned citizens of the Hamline Midway neighborhood of Saint Paul who want to see more of our food produced locally and sustainably and work together building community in the process.   For more information, contact: mightymidway@gmail.com or Nine at 651-319-2241.

Gardens and Parks
There are so many opportunities to be involved in gardens, parks and green spaces that there is a separate page! Click here to learn about community gardens, park stewardship, and other greening activities.

Market Days

Hamline Midway Environmental Group (HMEG)
HMEG aims to create and nurture a healthy and sustainable environment in the Hamline Midway community through projects, public awareness and education, community member involvement, and collaboration with partner groups and organizations.

Projects have included rain barrel workshops, a holiday light recycling Planterprogram, community gardening, community tree distribution, transportation improvements, waste reduction, movie nights, rain gardens, and coordination and upkeep of the plantings along Snelling Avenue.  See photos from some of the HMEG projects.

HMEG meets at 7:00pm on the 2nd Thursdays of each month at the Hamline Park Building, 1564 Lafond Avenue. Meetings are open to all. The group's calendar can be found here. To contact the group, contact Michael Jon Olson, Executive Director at 651-646-1986 or michaeljon@hamlinemidway.org.

Hamline Midway Environmental Group Blog
HMEG Blog is a space where HMEG members will highlight subjects like neighborhood trees, community gardens, local food production, recycling, composting, energy conservation, sustainable land use, transportation, native plants, and storm water usage, all relevant to our urban neighborhood setting.