Photo coming soon Michael Jon Olson, Executive Director | 651-494-7682

Active in community work from the time he bought his first house in the Phillips neighborhood of Minneapolis, Michael Jon has been HMC’s Executive Director since 2005.  He has served on the boards of the Center for Neighborhoods, Neighborhood Energy Connection, the Minnesota Center for Neighborhood Organizing, the Ventura Village Neighborhood Association, and the Longfellow Community Council.  When he’s not working, Michael Jon coaches youth sports (basketball, baseball, and soccer), plays ultimate frisbee, travels with his wife (Julie) and son (Jake), and tries to keep up the with garden.


Faith KrogstadFaith Krogstad, Community Organizer | 651-494-7683

Faith joined the staff at HMC in 2010 and brings to the organization her knowledge and experience in youth organizing, adult education, and environmental education. Prior to working at HMC, Faith guided teachers and students through a student-led process to identify and address urban sustainability issues as a program coordinator at Eco Education. Her students' projects in Hamline Midway included a fundraiser for Hamline Park to improve facilities and build community across racial, ethnic, and age lines, and a Snelling Avenue pedestrian safety campaign involving a gorilla costume. Faith was also a Fellow in HMC’s Leadership in Support of Neighborhood (LISN) Program in 2008. Faith has a B.A. in biology from Macalester College, a Graduate Certificate in Environmental and Community Education from the University of Washington-Seattle, and a Master's in Art Education from the University of Minnesota. Originally from a small farming community in Southeastern Minnesota, Faith grew up playing in the pasture creek (pronouced "crick"), saying "uff da," and refusing offers of food at least three times before accepting. Faith's travels to Southeast Asia, West Africa, and South America cured her of that last practice to avoid starvation and enjoy the culinary delights of her generous friends. Faith is interested in longterm environmental sustainability and social justice, and enjoys crafting, biking, gardening, and fixing up her 1912 house. She currently lives in the neighborhood with her partner, daughter, two cats, and six chickens.


Alyse SnyderAlyse Snyder, Community Engagement Intern

Alyse is the newest addition to HMC, joining the ranks as a community engagement intern. As a senior at Macalester College, Alyse will graduate in May with a major in geography, urban studies concentration, creative writing minor, and severe caffeine addiction. In the meantime, Alyse will be assisting the Community Building Committee with the coordination of the Heartwood Festival and the Local Foods Working Group with the development of the Local Food Resource Hub, as well as puttering around wherever else she is needed. From a small town in mid-Michigan, Alyse cannot believe she gets to live somewhere as cool as the Twin Cities and is excited to have the chance to be actively involved with one of the organizations responsible for making the Cities such a great place to live. In her spare time, Alyse enjoys pretending to do her homework while watching Lifetime movies, finding dogs to play with to make up for the absence of her own, and visiting as many coffee shops as possible in her never-ending quest to find the perfect Americano.