We have four areas of focus at HMC, each with several programs.

COMMUNITY ORGANIZING: The purpose of this work is to bring together those who live or work in the Hamline Midway area to make neighborhood improvements, solve problems that affect the quality of their lives, and build a stronger, closer community. This includes organizing on a wide range of issues such as industrial pollution, the University Corridor, crime, traffic and parking, distressed properties, etc. It involves leadership development so that residents have the knowledge and resources to accomplish the work together. At times, staff organizes neighbors to participate in important city and metro-wide issues.

Community Building: Community Organizers are ready to help the community take charge of issues that effect quality of life including issues such as affordable housing, public gardens, park and playground improvements. Staff and neighbors have also been involved in finding lost or threatened children, or working to reduce family violence in their neighborhood.

Crime Prevention: Ensuring our neighborhood is safe through coordinating a multi-faceted approach. We work with the groups and programs listed below, as well as with police and other law enforcement agencies to prevent crime. We also assist in solving problem properties such as drug houses.

Block Clubs play a role in preventing crime. Our Community Organizers help residents organize block clubs. They along with block club members work together to prevent violent and property crime. They also work with owners and landlords to address problems such as noise, traffic, disputes between neighbors, trash etc. Approximately 1/4 of the blocks in our area have block clubs. Many block clubs also have fun together socializing. National Night Out is a big event for many – neighbors gathering for fun and usually food.

If you are interested in joining a block club or forming one on your block call Joe at HMC 651-646-1986. We welcome both home owners and renters to our block clubs.

Reducing Racism, Prejudice and Hate Crimes: Hamline Midway Alliance for a Prejudice Free Community exists to end prejudice, bigotry and hate crimes in the Hamline Midway Neighborhood. They are people who live or work in or have a strong connection to the Hamline Midway Neighborhood. The Alliance was formed after neighborhood residents successfully stopped the harassment of a mixed race family by a self-declared white supremacist in 1996. They believe that learning and education is the best way to prevent prejudice in our community. Currently their educational activities include a yearly large educational gathering/event for residents to learn from the experts – usually well known experts who share their ideas and insights. The second educational effort is focused around story telling for children. Through stories children learn about other cultures, how prejudice hurts everybody and examples of prejudice problems solved. Volunteers and professionals participate in this project as story tellers.

Addressing hate crimes is another important part of the Alliance’s work. The Alliance maintains a trained, on-call “Response Team” of community members who are available to offer support to those targeted, connect them with other resources, and help organize neighborhood-based intervention if hate crime or acts of prejudice or bigotry occur. Anyone who feels they may have been a victim of a hate crime, discrimination, or who wants to get involved should contact Cathy at HMC 651-646-1986.

Hamline Midway Alliance for a Prejudice Free Community-Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 1998
Restorative Justice: The Restorative Justice movement seeks to shift the focus of our criminal justice system away from just dealing with offenders and toward addressing the needs of crime victims and communities as well. It brings together offenders, those whom they have offended, and others to address the wrong doing in a meaningful way, and allow the offender to make restitution. Young people who are in trouble with their neighbors or with the law can benefit from a Restorative Justice Program. Our partner in this program – The Dispute Resolution Center – helps young, first time offenders by finding alternatives to jail time. Young people who are at risk for conflict with the law can also benefit from this program. For more information, or to benefit from this program call Cathy 651-646-1986

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YOUTH DEVELOPMENT for children and teens: High school students, providing children age 6 – 12 with homework help as well as fun and educational arts and recreation in our Mid Kids Program. Teen Mentors, recruited from local High Schools, under the leadership and supervision of our Youth Development Coordinator, plan and carry out the programs. The Mid Kids Program also welcomes participation of parents and community volunteers.

From time to time, we also have opportunities for teens to become involved in community building or economic development projects. For more information, to become a teen mentor, to sign up your child or to volunteer call our Youth Program Coordinator or Claire at 651-646-1986.

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Mid Kids
ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Paying attention to the economic well being of our neighborhood, our focus is on supporting locally owned, small businesses. We do this in several ways.

Helping Emerging, Start-up Businesses including home-based businesses. HMC provides training, on-going technical support and advice as well as opportunities for networking with other business people in the area.

Snelling Avenue Business Initiative an organization of Snelling Ave (and area) small business owners gather regularly, along with HMC’s Economic Development Coordinator to share information and resources. A similar organization is soon to be established for University Ave (and area) businesses

Building Improvements Small loans and grants available in certain areas for improvement to businesses

Community Involvement HMC is active in creating and sustaining partnerships and collaborations that benefit the neighborhood. This includes participation in plans now underway for University Ave and revitalizing north Snelling Ave. Staff are also easily available for consultation, advice and trouble shooting.

For more information on Economic Development programs and services call Dave at HMC 651-646-1986

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An abandoned garage on University Avenue.


Improve Appearance and Environmental Stewardship: We provide recycling bins and information packets for curbside recycling program and an annual clean up and recycling event (usually in early fall). Removal of boulevard tree stumps and local plantings do much to keep the neighborhood looking spiffy. Becky is in charge of this area and can be reached at HMC at 651-646-1986

In collaboration with our ‘sister’ organization, H-Marc (Hamline-Midway Area Revitalization Corporation) we periodically co-sponsor Home Tours, Garden Shows and community festivals.
We thank charitable foundations, State, City and County Government, donors and volunteers from our community for the support that makes these programs possible. For a complete list of our supporters please see our Hamline Midway Coalition Annual Report or click on Our Funders and Donors.

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