Youth Collaborative

Hamline Midway Youth Collaborative

Mission Statement
To strengthen and nurture assets in kids of the Hamline Midway Neighborhood through the collaborative efforts of organizations, families, and individuals.

About the Youth Resources Directory:
This directory is offered by the Hamline Midway Youth Collaborative- a group of organizations concerned about youth and our community. Members representing Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Hamline Midway Coalition, Merriam Park Community Services, Midway Family YMCA, Tadpole Parade, and Zion Lutheran Church were most actively involved in developing this directory. Credit for the web version of this directory and its design go to Inkling Web Design and Thomas Chan.

About the Hamline Midway Youth Collaborative
The Collaborative meets regularly to work on ways to ensure that the youngest members of our community – our children and youth – receive the services, support, and opportunities they need to thrive. Membership includes representatives from local youth serving and other organizations, churches, schools, city services and the business community as well as individuals committed to our mission. If you are interested in becoming involved, contact Hamline Midway Coalition.

The Hamline Midway Youth Collaborative, the Youth Resource Directory, and this web page, were made possible by a grant from the McKnight Foundation.

If you would like information about your youth program added to this directory, please contact Becky Reyer at the Hamline Midway Coalition by calling 651-646-1986 or by email: [email protected].

Download a .pdf of the Youth Collaborative Forum’s Flyer

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